Hello, I’m Michael Sliwinski, founder of Nozbe - to-do app for modern teams. I write about productivity, #NoOffice, #iPadOnly and I believe that work is not a place you go to, it’s a thing you do.

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🌎 🏝 9 facts & myths about remote work (on Nozbe blog)

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

On Nozbe blog Ola wrote this great article about the myths and facts of #NoOffice work. Again Magda recorded it so you can just listen to it: More info ℹ️

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🏝 🌎 Why Nozbe has no office and how we work (on Nozbe blog)

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Soon we’re starting to take signups for our brand new “Remote Teamwork” course. We’re kicking it all off with a great article about why #NoOffice work is great and how your company can leverage it to be more efficient and more productive. Magda has written this one and apparently she’s also experimenting with voice over acting as she also reads it for you as well, check it out below or Read it on the Nozbe blog ℹ️

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🌎 ✅ Nozbe turns 14 today!

Monday, February 1, 2021

Nozbe turns 14 today!

Today Nozbe - my #NoOffice productivity company turns 14. Fourteen. This special anniversary opens a new chapter in my company’s life. We’ve got two products now - Nozbe Personal and Nozbe Teams and I’m about to finish my most important book. And there’s more…

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🌎 🏝 Here’s how we organized a virtual team reunion in pandemic times

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Here’s how we organized a virtual team reunion in pandemic times

In an all-remote team, getting together every now and then in “real life” is key. Every year we try to organize a Nozbe Reunion in Spring and in Fall. This year is different. Our Spring reunion got cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic and we hoped we’d get to see each other this Fall. This didn’t happen so we decided to go ahead and we organized a virtual reunion. Here’s how it went down.

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🌎 ☑️ My company, Nozbe celebrates 10 years! [on: Nozbe Blog]

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My company, Nozbe celebrates 10 years! [on: Nozbe Blog]

On the Nozbe Blog Today is a big milestone for me personally and professionally. My company, Nozbe just turned 10. To celebrate it with our customers, we’ve got a special promo which is great for both new customers and celebrates people who stuck with us the most. We even got 102 people who’ve been using Nozbe all these 10 years! We’ve come a long way since 2007… Check out these few quotes or get the entire thing:

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🌎 Let’s give thanks and donate to help buy computer equipment for orphans! [on: Nozbe blog]

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Today is Thanksgiving. It’s about being thankful for what we’ve got. For people we have around us. To me it’s also a day when I think what I can do to help others, who are less fortunate than me. In one of my past blog posts I explained that at Nozbe we have a policy of putting away a certain percentage of our profits to charity every month. and last week we’ve used some of this money to help orphans get computer equipment - and today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I’d like to encourage you to donate to and do your part. Thanks!

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✅ 🌎 Watch all the Inspiring Productivity Interviews with…

Monday, February 8, 2016

Watch all the Inspiring Productivity Interviews with…

I launched the Productive! Magazine back in 2008 and since then as the “editor in chief” I had a pleasure of interviewing amazing people for the magazine. All of them are role models to me, some of them are mentors and friends… and many of them you know of have heard of. Today, thanks to the power of templates I’m giving you an easy way to watch all of them whenever you fee like:

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🌎 ✅ 💼 Why Black Friday sale is perfect timing for Nozbe users… [on: Nozbe blog]

Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Black Friday sale is perfect timing for Nozbe users… [on: Nozbe blog]

On the Nozbe blog I just wrote about our yearly Black Friday / Thanksgiving sale. While I’m happy it’s been so far better than last years’, I explain why this sale comes actually at a fantastic time for our Nozbe users. Check out these few quotes or read the entire article:

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✅ 🌎 I’m not doing it alone! Meet the Nozbe team on video [on: Nozbe Blog]

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I’m not doing it alone! Meet the Nozbe team on video [on: Nozbe Blog]

On the Nozbe Blog I just wrote about our team. No, Nozbe is not just me. We’re 24 people now. We’ve doubled our team in just this last year. Check out the post and watch our Periscope recording:

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🎬 🌎 Video: How I work with my assistant step-by-step [on: Nozbe blog]

Friday, September 11, 2015

A month ago I wrote a blog post with my assistant on how we work together. It became very popular and people have been sharing it and following our advice. So to actually show how we work together, today on the Nozbe blog I posted a video screencast:

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🌎 Why You Should Be Using Nozbe for Task Management [on: Jeff Sanders 5am Podcast]

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

🤩 🌎 Organizing Your Life in English with Michael Sliwinski [on: Business English Q&A podcast]

Monday, August 17, 2015

✅ 🌎 How I work and communicate with my assistant [on: Nozbe blog]

Friday, August 7, 2015