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🌎 ✅ On Nozbe blog: Nozbe Pricing Changes

Friday, June 30, 2023 /nozbe-pricing-changes/

On Nozbe blog I posted the summary of all pricing changes for all our customers to see. Even though on this blog I’ve shared a lot more under the “Nozbe” tag but I didn’t want our average customer to be exposed to so much detail and I wanted to share the gist of all the changes.

On Nozbe blog: Nozbe Pricing Changes

🌎 🙁 The West still doesn’t get Russia. They should really talk to us - Eastern Europeans!

Friday, April 8, 2022 /politico/

After so many weeks I’m still affected by the War in Ukraine. Spending some of my time in the western society I can see how people west of Poland still don’t get the gravity of the situation. I recently read an article: ‘We told you so!’ How the West didn’t listen to the countries that know Russia best - and it struck a cord:

The West still doesn’t get Russia. They should really talk to us - Eastern Europeans!

🌎 ✅ On Nozbe blog - how about giving away $15 for each new team?

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 /15bucks/

On Nozbe blog I published a short blog post explaining how we’ve made more improvements to the Affiliate/Referral program. Now when you recommend Nozbe to others, you’re spreading #NozbeLove ❤️ with $15 in free credit! More info ℹ️

On Nozbe blog - how about giving away $15 for each new team?

✅ 🌎 🎬 Celebrating 15 years of Nozbe with a special announcement

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 /nozbe15/

Wow, 15 years ago today I launched my productivity application called nozbe and 15 years later I’m still running it! And in the last few years we were in the transition period to finally announce that our new app, formerly known as “Nozbe Teams” is in fact the new version of Nozbe going forward - that it’s the future (More info ℹ️):

🌎 ✅ 🎬 Nozbe Teams Product Vlog 1 - new features and backstage (on Nozbe blog)

Thursday, July 1, 2021 /nozbevlog/

This past half a year was busy getting Nozbe Teams off the ground and together with Rafal of NoOffice podcast we decided to record a live vlog and discuss the changes in Nozbe Teams and the three core new features: task me, joint projects and cloning projects/tasks. More info ℹ️

🌎 ✅ The Pyramid Of Communication - Your Team’s Efficiency Guarantee (on Nozbe blog)

Thursday, June 24, 2021 /pyramid-nozbe/

Another take on Nozbe’s world famous pyramid of communication this time in the context of our upcoming free video course - check it out and start working like this with your team! More info ℹ️

🌎 🏝 9 facts & myths about remote work (on Nozbe blog)

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 /nooffice-myths/

On Nozbe blog Ola wrote this great article about the myths and facts of #NoOffice work. Again Magda recorded it so you can just listen to it: More info ℹ️

🏝 🌎 Why Nozbe has no office and how we work (on Nozbe blog)

Thursday, June 10, 2021 /why-nooffice/

Soon we’re starting to take signups for our brand new “Remote Teamwork” course. We’re kicking it all off with a great article about why #NoOffice work is great and how your company can leverage it to be more efficient and more productive. Magda has written this one and apparently she’s also experimenting with voice over acting as she also reads it for you as well, check it out below or Read it on the Nozbe blog ℹ️

🌎 ✅ Nozbe turns 14 today!

Monday, February 1, 2021 /nozbe14/

Today Nozbe - my #NoOffice productivity company turns 14. Fourteen. This special anniversary opens a new chapter in my company’s life. We’ve got two products now - Nozbe Personal and Nozbe Teams and I’m about to finish my most important book. And there’s more…

Nozbe turns 14 today!

🌎 🏝 Here’s how we organized a virtual team reunion in pandemic times

Thursday, October 29, 2020 /reunion-virtual/

In an all-remote team, getting together every now and then in “real life” is key. Every year we try to organize a Nozbe Reunion in Spring and in Fall. This year is different. Our Spring reunion got cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic and we hoped we’d get to see each other this Fall. This didn’t happen so we decided to go ahead and we organized a virtual reunion. Here’s how it went down.

Here’s how we organized a virtual team reunion in pandemic times

✅ 🌎 My company, Nozbe celebrates 10 years! [on: Nozbe Blog]

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 /nozbe10-link/

✅ 🌎 Let’s give thanks and donate to help buy computer equipment for orphans! [on: Nozbe blog]

Thursday, November 24, 2016 /enedue/

✅ 🌎 Watch all the Inspiring Productivity Interviews with…

Monday, February 8, 2016 /allinterviews/

🌎 ✅ 💼 Why Black Friday sale is perfect timing for Nozbe users… [on: Nozbe blog]

Monday, November 30, 2015 /blackfriday/

✅ 🌎 🎬 I’m not doing it alone! Meet the Nozbe team on video [on: Nozbe Blog]

Thursday, October 1, 2015 /nozbeteam/

✅ 🎬 🌎 Video: How I work with my assistant step-by-step [on: Nozbe blog]

Friday, September 11, 2015 /assistant-video/

🌎 ✅ Why You Should Be Using Nozbe for Task Management [on: Jeff Sanders 5am Podcast]

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 /5am-nozbe/

🤩 🌎 Organizing Your Life in English with Michael Sliwinski [on: Business English Q&A podcast]

Monday, August 17, 2015 /business-english/

✅ 🌎 How I work and communicate with my assistant [on: Nozbe blog]

Friday, August 7, 2015 /assistant/

✅ ✔️ 🌎 How I use a project template to implement Pomodoro Technique and Unschedule Calendar every day [on: Nozbe blog]

Thursday, July 30, 2015 /unschedule/

📙 🌎 Why and How to become an early riser - interview with Karol Zielinski [in Polish for: Productive! Mag Poland]

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 /productivemag-pl-14/

✅ ⌚️ 🌎 🎬 New video with yours truly - how to get things done on your wrist [on:]

Monday, July 20, 2015 /nozbe-watch/

✅ 🌎 Nozbe is doubling down on Android [on: Nozbe]

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 /android/

🌎 ✅ What I think about Nozbe being one of the “best new apps” on the AppStore [on: Nozbe Blog]

Friday, June 12, 2015 /link-bestnewapp/

📙 🌎 How to deal with Chinese providers, manage family life and productivity - my interview with Bogdan Wicinski (in Polish) [for the: Productive! Magazine Poland issue 13]

Thursday, June 4, 2015 /pm13pl/

🌎 ✅ How much is productivity worth to you? [on: Nozbe]

Monday, June 1, 2015 /how-much/

✅ 🌎 🎬 I’m very proud of: New @Nozbe 1.5 suite of apps, including New Webapp, iPhone, iPad and Android tablet apps

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 /something-i-m-very-proud-of-new/

🌎 😎 This is something I’ve been struggling with recently: Getting Your Family On Board with Life Changes

Monday, April 8, 2013 /family-changes/

🌎 😎 If life would be like that, it’d be boring: Just the good parts

Sunday, April 7, 2013 /good-parts/

🌎 📱 It’s been only three years since unveiling and now it’s my main machine: The iPad

Thursday, April 4, 2013 /ipad-3-years/

🌎 😎 How we should embrace and follow it: The Secret to Overcoming Any Fear

Thursday, April 4, 2013 /fear/

🌎 😎 I also work like this: 30 Minutes

Thursday, April 4, 2013 /30-minutes/

🌎 💼 Totally agree: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 /bozos/

🌎 🤩 ✅ Leading from a distance

Sunday, February 5, 2012 /leading-from-a-distance/

🌎 🎬 Video Friday: Spanish crisis, coffee and writer

Friday, June 24, 2011 /video-friday-spanish-crisis-coffee-and-writer/

🌎 TGIF: 4-hour body, Failures and Entrepreneurship

Friday, December 10, 2010 /tgif-4-hour-body-failures-and-entrepreneurshi/

🌎 Friday links: Travel, Remote Working and Pirates

Friday, November 12, 2010 /friday-links-travel-remote-working-and-pirate/

🌎 💼 🎬 Friday Readership: Seth Godin says we should ship now, ship often

Friday, June 4, 2010 /friday-readership-seth-godin-says-we-should-s/

🌎 Friday readership: On writing books and worrying

Friday, February 19, 2010 /friday-readership-on-writing-books-worrying-a/

🌎 💼 Friday Readership - Business Motivational Quotes, eBook readers and Meetings

Saturday, December 12, 2009 /friday-readership-business-motivational-quote/

🌎 💼 How I work series on Inc. - how my guru CEO’s love their work

Monday, November 9, 2009 /how-i-work-series-on-inc-how-my-guru-ceos-lov/

🌎 💼 This week’s stories - be prepared when speaking, make sure you can handle trolls and go for a rapid growth

Saturday, November 7, 2009 /this-weeks-stories-be-prepared-when-speaking/

🌎 💼 🎬 Harmony, Cubism of Picasso and Nike of Samothrace

Monday, July 7, 2008 /harmony-cubism-of-picasso-and-nike-of-samothr/

🌎 ✔️ Make your life harder… to get more done!

Monday, June 16, 2008 /make-your-life-harder-to-get-more-done/

🌎 ✔️ GTD at Home - Your Family Can Get Things Done!

Friday, May 9, 2008 /gtd-at-home-your-family-can-get-things-done/

🌎 ✔️ “It’s just 2 minutes!… and it’s a lot of time!”

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 /its-just-2-minutes-and-its-a-lot-of-time/

🌎 ✔️ The Power of Cranking Widgets

Monday, May 5, 2008 /the-power-of-cranking-widgets/

🌎 ✔️ Natural Born GTDers and their habits: are you one of the few?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 /natural-born-gtders-and-their-habits-are-you/