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Friday readership: On writing books and worrying


It’s Friday and it’s time for my typical blog post compilation and this time I had hard time choosing 3 articles for this one as there were quite a few that caught my attention, but here they are in no particular order:

Friday readership: On writing books and worrying

Wait To Worry: Procrastination at Its Best by Gail Hyatt

Something I tend to forget and something my wife should practice, too… we shouldn’t worry too much, it leads to bad things happening. Here’s what Gail says about it:

As a mom, when my girls go to a place of worry, I do the only thing I know to do. Since I can’t take it from them, I encourage them to “wait to worry.” Just postpone it. This is procrastination at its best.

Why write a book? by Seth Godin

As I’m contemplating writing a book about bootstrapping a startup, I took Seth’s article very seriously:

The goal isn’t always to spread an idea. Sometimes the goal is to make change happen. A book is a physical souvenir, a concrete instantiation of your ideas in a physical object, something that gives your ideas substance and allows them to travel.

Do you worry too much? Do you want to write a book? Yet alone a blog?