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Watch all the Inspiring Productivity Interviews with…


I launched the Productive! Magazine back in 2008 and since then as the “editor in chief” I had a pleasure of interviewing amazing people for the magazine. All of them are role models to me, some of them are mentors and friends… and many of them you know of have heard of. Today, thanks to the power of templates I’m giving you an easy way to watch all of them whenever you fee like:

Watch all the Inspiring Productivity Interviews with…

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You can access all of these interviews on our Productive! Magazine page or app, you can also see them on my interviews page or on our YouTube playlist but I think the best way is to use a project template created with Nozbe and shared on

Why? Because each interview then becomes a “task” and in the details of the task you can see the link to the relevant Productive! Magazine issue and the direct link to the video to watch it. Once you’ve watched it, you can mark the task as done and watch another one. And you can mark as “done” also the interviews you don’t want to watch. Easy.

Watch all the interviews I did for the Productive! Magazine here

Question: Which interview did you like best?

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