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🍿 Impactful quotes

Quotes from tv series, movies or even YouTube videos that stuck and have made a permanent mark in my life. Some of them me and my family use daily. We are annoying this way. Many movie buffs are!

🍿 🎬 Quotes from Pitch Meetings by Ryan George - the OG of alter-ego genre

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 /pitch/

My inspiration for Two Michaels arguing, especially as I recorded the videos of Meetings and Impromptu Coffee Meetings, come from the YouTuber Ryan George and I must say I have still a long way to go to learn his craft. Here’s my favorite of his Pitch Meetings and some of the iconic phrases he uses that I still started using in my life, especially when talking to my daughters:

🍿 ⭐️ “I have spoken” and “this is the way” - The Mandalorian

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 /spoken/

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars franchise. Just look at my Yoda lego or R2D2. I’m also a movie buff and very often the quotes from the movies or series I watch stick and me or my family use them in our daily lives. So I decided to create a movie/film/tv quotes category on this blog where I’ll be posting some of my favorites and I’ll start with The Mandalorian and two meaningful quotes from there:

“I have spoken” and “this is the way” - The Mandalorian

🍿 😎 When in doubt, just do the next right thing!

Thursday, August 13, 2020 /right/

“What’s the right thing to do now?” is a question we should be asking ourselves much more often then we actually do. I fear that most of the time it’s just easier to ask the egoistic variation of this question: “What’s the right thing to do for me that would benefit me and only me in a short term?” And that’s too bad, because bad decisions compound and one bad call makes way for another… and who to teach you that if not Anna from the movie Frozen II where she sings: “The Next Right Thing”.

When in doubt, just do the next right thing!