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On Nozbe blog - how about giving away $15 for each new team?


On Nozbe blog I published a short blog post explaining how we’ve made more improvements to the Affiliate/Referral program. Now when you recommend Nozbe to others, you’re spreading #NozbeLove ❤️ with $15 in free credit! More info ℹ️

On Nozbe blog - how about giving away $15 for each new team?

Why $15 in free credit?

When we celebrated 15 years of Nozbe we ran a special promo - that just for signing up for a new Nozbe account or migrating your Nozbe Personal account to the new Nozbe, you’d get an extra credit of $15 which you could then spend on extending or upgrading your Nozbe subscription. It was a pretty great deal. In fact, it was so good, that we decided to make it permanent for everyone who is recommending Nozbe to a friend.

I believe it makes our Affilite / Referral Program much better than before. Not only do we offer 25% commissions, we also offer a unique incentive for people to go through recommendations and not sign up directly on the Nozbe web site.

Post your link on social media using #NozbeLove ❤️ hashtag

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022 /15bucks/