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If life would be like that, it’d be boring: Just the good parts


Recently we’ve had some stressful times in our family. We’re moving to a new place (not far, but still), my company’s growing and there are a few challenges with that… And we’re traveling now, and there’s more and more of things piling up and not everything, not even close, is working as planned… But that’s the part of life actually, to get the good stuff, things have to get messy, complicated and stressful. You can’t have the good without the pain. No pain, no gain. Seth’s Blog: Just the good parts

If life would be like that, it’d be boring: Just the good parts

I told my wife the other night, “I’m happy we’re both are stressed, it means we’re doing something meaningful and good. Life’s good!”

Well, it is. It really is. You just have to know that to get the good parts, you have to go though some stressful ones… But they’re worth it. Totally. And the stressful parts help you grow to appreciate the good ones :-)

Sunday, April 7, 2013 /good-parts/