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On Nozbe blog: Nozbe Pricing Changes


On Nozbe blog I posted the summary of all pricing changes for all our customers to see. Even though on this blog I’ve shared a lot more under the “Nozbe” tag but I didn’t want our average customer to be exposed to so much detail and I wanted to share the gist of all the changes.

On Nozbe blog: Nozbe Pricing Changes

Join Nozbe CEO (that’s me!)…

It starts with this:

Unveil the secrets of Nozbe pricing adjustments - see how we kept our valued customers while raising prices. Join the CEO of Nozbe on his journey and discover the strategies behind it.

Read the entire blog post on Nozbe blog

At the end of the post I do link to the resources on this blog:

Friday, June 30, 2023 /nozbe-pricing-changes/