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Totally agree: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy


I first heard the term “bozo” from Guy Kawasaki and it was in relation to Apple… and later understood that Steve Jobs was using this word a lot. And both I right - bozos are not welcome in any working environment… in any environment… Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ policy - on Forbes

Totally agree: Why Every Company Needs A ‘No Bozos’ Policy

I just hate it when I meet someone who believes they know everything and they have an opinion on every subject… Or when someone claims they are so great… while they don’t really work at all… I prefer seeing the proof of their greatness through their work. It’s that easy.

In my company we all work from home. It’s hard to be a bozo when you work remotely as people know you by the tasks you get done and by the amazing job you do. Not by the way you “show off” or “pretend to work”. Another advantage of teleworking - “bozos not allowed” :-)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 /bozos/