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How I work and communicate with my assistant [on: Nozbe blog]


On the Nozbe blog, together with my assistant Magda we wrote how we work together using Nozbe, Gmail and Dropbox. Hiring an assistant and delegating lots of administrative duties to her over the last two years has been one of the best decisions in my career as the CEO. I needed a person who spoke both Polish and English fluently so I couldn’t just get a Virtual Assistant just like most of my readers from the States can. I suggest you try it. Just see how we work together:

How I work and communicate with my assistant [on: Nozbe blog]

“Magda manages my email. Although we said farewell to email in Nozbe long time ago, we can’t prevent the whole world from using it :) I receive hundreds of emails every week and it is Magda who takes care of them…”

“Magda forwards email to a dedicated project in Nozbe called CEO, using Nozbe’s email-to-task feature…”

“When I don’t reply to a task Magda has delegated to me for too long, she would ping me, by adding a comment to it: @Michael - I am waiting for your reaction here!

It’s a very detailed post so I recommend you:

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Friday, August 7, 2015 /assistant/