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Video Friday: Spanish crisis, coffee and writer


Sometimes I do post video content on this blog and maybe I’ll make a habit of posting some more before every other weekend. These are three videos that really made my day this past weekend:

1. The crisis in Spain - how it all happened?

Very cool story explaining more-less what lead Spain to the verge of bankruptcy and 20%+ unemployment rate. It’s in Spanish with English subtitles:

2. Coffee - the best drug ever

I’m a moderate coffee-drinker (2-3 cups of coffee per day) and I love my latte, cafe con leche, latte macchiato, etc… and this video proves I can continue with my apparently good habit:

3. IA Writer - a zen writer for the Mac

It’s a very zen writer and it has Markdown embedded (which I truly dig) - I use it now for writing and compare with my good-old Writeroom - anyway, the promo video is amazing:

Have a great weekend and enjoy these videos and well… get inspired for the next week :-)