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9 facts & myths about remote work (on Nozbe blog)


On Nozbe blog Ola wrote this great article about the myths and facts of #NoOffice work. Again Magda recorded it so you can just listen to it: More info ℹ️

To give you an idea, just read these three obvious myths:

MYTH! Many people believe that #NoOffice workers have lower wages than people who work on-site. The truth is that remote workers can actually earn more! That’s because companies that have embraced the remote work model don’t need to rent an office space big enough to fit all of their employees, pay electricity and water bills, hire a cleaning service, etc. Their expenses are much lower, so they can offer competitive salaries to those who apply for jobs in their companies.

Another one about extroverts:

MYTH! This is one of the most common misconceptions about remote work. Of course, introverts will feel more comfortable when being offered to work from home (with this option, they can avoid stressful situations in the workplace), but #NoOffice work is also a good choice for those who are extroverts. Extroverts get energized from being around people, so after switching to a remote work model, they may feel a bit exhausted. However, they can make it work for themselves by working from more busy places - cafés, parks and other social spaces. Of course, extroverts also need to be proactive in scheduling their social life and meeting with friends in their spare time to charge up their batteries.

And work life balance vs slacking off:

MYTH! Some people may assume that remote work allows you to finish your daily tasks in two hours and spend the rest of your time doing nothing. What is more, your friends and relatives may ask you to help them with their chores because they may not know how the remote model works (they may think that working from home doesn’t require much effort or focus). The truth is that it’s a job like any other. You still have things to do, you’re responsible for the tasks your boss delegates you and you need to be available during your work hours in case any of your co-workers needs your help. This means that you may not necessarily find time to babysit your niece or go shopping with your mom during your work hours.

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