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TGIF: 4-hour body, Failures and Entrepreneurship


Most Fridays I’m trying to share with you what is on my mind lately and here are some things I’ve been reading that cought my attention:

TGIF: 4-hour body, Failures and Entrepreneurship

The 4-hour body by Tim Ferris

The new book by Tim is coming out and I’m definitely buying this one as well. I’ve read twice the 4-hour workweek and this one is something I really need right now as I’m trying to re-shape my body (I just lost 10+ pounds!). Here’s the book’s awesome trailer and the intro and TOC by Tim.

Why startups and businesses fail?

Here’s a great article on 37signals’ blog where they interview founders of failed businesses to share their lessons - what they learned from failure in their businesses and what they’d do differently. Great read.

Thanking entrepreneurs

This Thanksgiving post by Fred Wilson of AVC is a great reminder of why the world is moving forward. Because of entrepreneurs and their spirit and ideas that change the world. I’m glad to be one of them and to be running a business that helps tens of thousands of people get stuff done better. I’m loving every minute of it.

Hope these posts inspire you to be better and prove to be a good food for thought this weekend! Have a good one!