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The Pyramid Of Communication - Your Team’s Efficiency Guarantee (on Nozbe blog)


Another take on Nozbe’s world famous pyramid of communication this time in the context of our upcoming free video course - check it out and start working like this with your team! More info ℹ️

Here’s our discovery:

We’ve found out that there are actually 5 levels of communication. They all vary between “highest bandwidth” and “lowest bandwidth.” They are even stronger now in the 21st century as there are applications and technologies that help us communicate way better than before. Let’s explain these levels right now.

Here’s why it’s truly a pyramid:

We call this our “Pyramid of Communication” to reflect how we really want to communicate within our team: we want to spend as much time at Level 1 as possible, before moving to Level 2 and asking for feedback, then moving to Level 3 to iron things out, and talking through some things at Level 4, then moving to Level 5 to really involve everyone needed.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021 /pyramid-nozbe/