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“I have spoken” and “this is the way” - The Mandalorian

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I’m a huge fan of Star Wars franchise. Just look at my Yoda lego or R2D2. I’m also a movie buff and very often the quotes from the movies or series I watch stick and me or my family use them in our daily lives. So I decided to create a movie/film/tv quotes category on this blog where I’ll be posting some of my favorites and I’ll start with The Mandalorian and two meaningful quotes from there:

“I have spoken” and “this is the way” - The Mandalorian

“I have spoken” - or how to end a conversation 🙅‍♂️

I’ll start with the lesser-known quote which is very useful if you’re a parent. In the Chapter 2: The Child we get introduced to a very intriguing character Kuiil who has this manner of speaking in a very decisive manner. He finishes his speech with:

I have spoken.

Which basically means:

No point in arguing. I have made my mind. I won’t be convinced otherwise. Shut up. 🤐

I love this. I’m an open person, I love arguing, going back and forth, but sometimes I just don’t want to discuss something further. I just want to decide and move on. Then I use this phrase.

Especially with kids. Very often they are pushing in their direction and that’s fine, but sometimes we just have to decide and go as a family. Then I use this phrase and stop arguing.

I have spoken. It’s done. ✅ No further discussions.

This is the way - how to motivate to action 💪

Whenever the main character, The Mandalorian himself decides where to go or what to do, he repeats:

This is the way.

Again, it kinda stops arguing and finishes the back and forth. It means a decision has been made and this is the one to take and there will be no further discussion. This quote motivates me to decide and go forward. To move on and finally do what I’ve set out to do!

I remember internally at Nozbe last year we were discussing whether we should finally raise and harmonize prices. In the end after much deliberation we concluded that this is the way and there was no turning back.

I even have a cup to remind me of that quote (duh!):

“I have spoken” and “this is the way” - The Mandalorian way

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