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Essentialism, productivity webinars, podcasting on life and books and much more - best of 2017


As I imported 2017 blog posts from my old site to here I noticed quite a few gems worth getting back to. It turns out I spent 2017 podcasting regularly, producing webinars and reviewing books, too. And much more. Here are my best entries from that year:

Essentialism, productivity webinars, podcasting on life and books and much more - best of 2017

Year of webinars

I prepared many high-quality webinars in 2017, covering topics like doing a good Weekly Review, finishing off the year with focus, planning holidays effectively, maximizing team productivity, or getting everything done in 10 simple steps and getting New Years Resolutions done. Each webinar is an hour-long presentation, carefully researched and well prepared so well worth your time!

A decade of Nozbe

In 2017 I celebrated 10 years of running Nozbe and I even produced a very cool webinar about that and a special the Podcast episode. I explained how we organized a successful reunion and we recorded two in-person podcasts on our reunions: one in Toruń and one in Wrocław. What an achievement and privilege of being able to be a decade-long-entrepreneur!

Simplicity and Essentialism were a theme of 2017

I produced the last issue #34 of the Productive! Magazine featuring an interview with Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism - the pursuit of less but better. I also posted highlights from this book and we talked about the book on the Podcast.

In this spirit, I talked about simplicity, the books: Insanely Simple, Peak, Marie Kondo method, Stoicism.

Thanks to all that wisdom I established my 2-hour rule and new review routines.

This also translated to my iPad with posts on setting up new iPad from scratch and a thorough list of all my iPad apps. I also shared my #iPadOnly recording set and why I love wireless headphones.

BTW, in 2017 I was rocking an iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black and an iPad Pro 10.5”.

2017 was 5 years ago!

Today is the last day of 2021 and the new, 2022 starts tomorrow. The posts I just reviewed happened 5 years ago but they still stand. I will be celebrating 15 years of Nozbe in just a month. A decade and a half. Time flies.

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