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Replacing battery in iPhone SE - my daughter’s first phone!


Before we launched the brand new Nozbe I got myself an old 2016 iPhone SE to be able to test if our app is fast enough for this phone and designed well enough to fit this smallest screen on the iPhone. After a few years as I upgraded my iPhones, I put this old vintage one on the wall of my home office and kept it there. Now that my eldest daughter needed her first phone, I decided to give her this one for starters. However, this iPhone’s battery was really bad. So I did some research and decided to buy a new battery on Amazon for around $20 and change the battery myself. What could possibly go wrong?

Replacing battery in iPhone SE - my daughter’s first phone!

Time for my daughter’s first iPhone 📲

Even though I’m a geek and Apple fanboy, I’m very careful with technology for my daughters. My eldest just turned 14 and only now she’s getting her first iPhone. She didn’t need it before much and I didn’t want her to get addicted to a smartphone too early. However, she did use technology until now quite a lot:

Now with all that technology, it was time for her first iPhone so she could be more independent and just more connected to her friends.

Replacing the battery 🪫 for a new one 🔋 was tricky!

I got myself iFixit essential toolkit, I bought the battery from Amazon and followed the iFixit guide which basically came down to this:

Of course it took my much longer to do it as I have no experience changing batteries in iPhones:

In the end it took me an hour to do it and was lots of fun for my daughter to watch me struggle and just do this together.

Battery got replaced successfully!

Now her battery life is amazing. After a whole day at school she comes back home with 60% of juice left!

Anyway, I wouldn’t normally do that with newer iPhones, but since this phone is not worth much, there wasn’t much risk to begin with. And in the end it was fun.

And now my daughter has a new iPhone! My old iPhone!

Monday, January 30, 2023 /battery/