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My best blog posts of 2020


I’m in the middle of my annual review and I’m getting ready to write summary of this past year (as I did in 2019 and in years before that). Before I publish it though, I decided to first reflect on the best blog posts of this past year (you can check best of 2019 here). I hope you’ll find some of them useful and actionable:

I moved my blog from to

As I’m writing this, I haven’t migrated all the posts yet, only all of the episodes of The Podcast and all of the posts between 2017 and now. It’s not only the domain that has changed, but also the technology behind this site and everything else - I want this blog to be my new playground for new things (and a place where I post at least once a week).

In 2020 I became a multi-podcaster!

In 2020 we published only 13 episodes of The Podcast as we had a half-year break. Among other things, we chatted about making shield masks, my new concept of core hours, the subtle art of not caring as much and we held our 200 episode spectacular.

I’m hoping in 2021 we’ll get back to it on a 1-2 times per month schedule.

Apart from that with my VP of Product at Nozbe we launched two #NoOffice podcasts:

I especially recommend the episodes about Dogfooding, how our virtual reunion happened and the “Weekend Wednesday” concept.

And I launched Team Productivity Show and I’m trying to publish at least one video show per month.

On this site I launched some useful small projects:

YouTube watcher which helps watch videos without being tracked.

Virtual Dice to use when playing board games.

Both projects (just as this entire web site) are completely responsive, so you can enjoy them on a computer and on a smartphone and on everything in between.

I shared some back-stage how we do stuff at Nozbe:

I wrote how an idea is born and I can’t wait to show it to you once it’s implemented. I had to write about the Coronavirus and how to deal with it and how we’re relaxing our work policy because of it. I also shared the 17 commandments of work and how they’ll guide us to make a better product. Especially now that we launched Nozbe Teams and became a two-product company.

I almost finished the #NoOffice book

The Covid pandemic motivated me to do it. As of today I’m at 78% now with 24 chapters written (you can read free online!). I started writing seriously in August and I posted a video update but I slowed down recently. I’m planning to finish writing in January of this year.

In the same open source spirit I published the #iPadOnly book for free to read as well.

I got a few new gadgets this year

I decided to go with the iPhone 12 Mini and I love it so far. I celebrated 10 years of iPad with a new iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard of which I made a video review. It’s by far my best #iPadOnly gadget!

I completely redesigned my home office - with video walkthrough and lots of detailed photos and description of it.

Please let me know what your favorite post of 2020 was - either on this blog or that you read anywhere else!

My best blog posts of 2020

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