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Check out first 10 chapters of #NoOffice book and tell me WDYT


Thanks to my decision NOT to work on Nozbe for the entire month of August (see the recent update of my now page) I’m on a roll and just today I wrote the 10th chapter of my new book #NoOffice. Why I’m writing this book? Because I want more people to know that “Work is not a place to go to, it’s a thing that you do!” and I started with these chapters:

Check out first 10 chapters of #NoOffice book and tell me WDYT

The intro of the book is about my #NoOffice story and how I got here:

In the intro I’m explaining how the modern work is changing and that instead of “sticking to what we know”, we should truly embrace the change.

In Chapter 1 - I have a dream - I write about my beginnings - how I studied in three countries, wrote my master thesis on “teleworking and virtual companies” and set up my business from the get go as a quasi-nomadic enterprise.

Later in Chapter 2 - I have a team - I explain how my team grew and how I decided not to rent an office for it. And I give a few notable examples of people who joined my team mainly because we were truly all-remote.

In Chapter 3 - I have a future - I’m asking if remote working is just a future for my company or is a future of all businesses?

Part 1 of the book - or how people are using their offices wrong!

Yes I start with an intro to part 1 where I explain how “having an office” can create counter-productive work habits. It’s true. People should be aware of that!

Anyway, the first part of the book is about embracing modern way of working. These chapters apply to all companies, especially those with offices.

I start with the importance of focus in Chapter 4, later I highlight the habit of writing stuff down for everyone on the team in Chapter 5.

Then I propose a radical move in Chapter 6 - to ban email entirely for internal communication in a team.

In Chapter 7 I write about meetings and how we do them. I follow up in Chapter 8 where I explain that team members should not be afraid to fight and discuss things openly. In Chapter 9 I propose how you can substitute all-hands meetings with regular vlogging.

I sum all these previous chapters in Chapter 10 where I introduce the concept of “Pyramid of Communication”. I wrote about it many times on my blog and on Nozbe blog.

Next up: decision making, salaries, perks and more!

I’ve got 7 more chapters to write in part 1 of the book. You can check the outlines of each of them here.

Wish me luck! Let me know what you think so far!

Thanks for your support. The book is written completely open-source and you can read each chapter just after I’ve written it. So do let me know what you think!.

P.S. I wanted to write this book for a long time. Just checked, I announced writing #NoOffice book back in July of 2015 so just a little over 5 years ago. This is a Finally with a capital “F”.

Finally I’m writing this. Finally you’ll be able to read it. How do you like my progress so far?

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