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My best blog posts of 2019


In July of this year (2020) I switched to this new site at from my old blog at I basically created a whole new blog from scratch. Now I’m slowly migrating my old posts. During the migration I’m also reviewing the content, fixing some issues, and just making sure these old posts are still relevant and make sense. It’s a semi-manual process, aided by some smart Siri Shortcuts. Today I finished migrating all of the posts from 2019 and I decided to publish this list of some of my best writing from last year.

The Podcast. Fm - my semi-weekly podcast with Radek

Last year we published roughly an episode every two weeks (25 total!). The full archive is available here.

Some of the best episodes were about the 12 years of Nozbe, Salary Formula, Punished by rewards, N is 4 Nozbe, Digital minimalism, Camino de Santiago or me turning 40. We recorded two video episodes as we both visited WWDC in California and later met on Nozbe Reunion where we talked about gadgets.

I set up some important principles

I decided to start emailing like texting, pre-deciding more often, journalling more regularly and never to take an outside investment for Nozbe.

I wrote a lot about Apple gadgets while complaining about Apple the company

I was rocking Apple Watch, reviewed series 5 and did a triathlon with series 4.

I put my good old iPad 3 on the wall and got an old iPhone SE for testing while still taking photos with iPhone XS and 11 Pro.

I wrote some deep lifestyle posts

As a guy who turned 40 I wrote that I will never retire, that we should never feel “too old” for something and that love is all you need. And books.

I’m not perfect but I learned a lot about hate, politics and emotions in business and to stay sane, decided to take more time off from social media.

I kept trying to stay in shape

I wrote a lot about sports. I took on tennis more seriously. Unfortunately I was undertrained for an Ironman race but I was fit enough to compete in my 11th Olympic-distance triathlon.

Overall 2019 is a distant memory

Now as we’re dealing with the pandemic of 2020, last year is a blur. Traveling to conferences like GTD Summit in Amsterdam or WWDC in California seems surreal now.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this compilation of my best writing in 2019 and you’ll find something of value to you. Now I’m on to migrating the posts from 2018 and will prepare another “best of” list.

In the future you’ll find all my yearly reviews as well as yearly best-of’s here.

My best blog posts of 2019

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