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Nobody’s perfect from the beginning


As mentioned on our last episode of The Podcast, recently in Nozbe team we introduced “salary formula” - a way to calculate salaries for all of our team members. In one of the future episodes we’ll discuss the formula in more depth, but today I want to focus on one aspect of it - level of growth - and why this ingredient of the salary is supposed to stimulate our team members to keep growing and developing themselves - just like the BMW 5 series… and unlike Lada:

Nobody’s perfect from the beginning

Nobody is perfect from the beginning - we all need to keep growing

When you’re leading a team of people, it’s important to let everyone know that you don’t want “Ladas” on your team - meaning people who think are perfect and they don’t need to grow.

The above meme is really cool as you can see how BMW 5 series kept evolving over the years, kept iterating, kept improving… while still remaining a mid-size sedan that it’s always been.

Now, how this translates to personal growth? Glad you asked:

There’s always room for growth and personal development

Nobody’s perfect. I know for a fact I’m not.

But yes, when you’re really focused on personal growth, it’s hard to come up with things you can do better just like that, right off the bat.

But it’s OK. That’s why I’ll be telling my team to take their time.

We all need to think deeply where we can improve, what can we do even better, which new skills we need to acquire, which we need to keep improving… and in the end… we’ll find a list of things that can help us get to a higher level.

Just like the list of new features every new generation of BMW 5 series had to receive to take it to a new level of growth.

It takes time, but the formula is revised every year, so there’s time.

Each new BMW 5 series was revised every few years, our team member’s personal growth level will be revised every year, so it’s OK to take the time now, especially in the first quarter of the new year, to reflect on things we can do better and we can improve to become a better versions of ourselves. To take ourselves to a whole new level.

Be like BMW 5 series. Keep finding things to improve in yourself.

Don’t be like Lada.

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