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Why choose Nozbe? Who is Nozbe for? What really is Nozbe?


I’ve been running Nozbe for the last 16 years and every time someone would ask me about what I was doing, I found it really hard to explain it. I’d say something about a to-do app, time management, project management, and other buzzwords, which wouldn’t really tell them what Nozbe was all about and if it was for them. This year, after talking to many Nozbe customers, doing lots of soul-searching and consulting with my team I think I’ve got it down to just few words: Nozbe helps maintain a work-life balance 🏄‍♂️. OK, that’s the shortest version, the true line is below:

Why choose Nozbe? Who is Nozbe for? What really is Nozbe?

What is Nozbe? A Simply Get Things Done App!

Now, when you ask me about what I do for a living, I’m gonna tell you that I’m building this:

Nozbe is a productivity app for small business owners (and their teams) to help manage their work and private life in a simple way. On any device.

That’s it. That’s the promise. That’s the result our thousands of happy customers have been achieving. Now, let’s discuss each keyword in detail as each of them has a special meaning:

Why Nozbe? Work-life balance!

Now that I’ve explained the what, it’s time for the why, for our Nozbe mission which is:

To help busy professionals maintain a work life balance.

Here’s the longer explanation:

How are we building Nozbe? 5 values!

I have identified 5 CORE VALUES we design our app by:

  1. HYBRID WORK Work is not a place to go, it’s a thing you do. People should be able to choose how much time they spend in the office and adjust their office to their lifestyle. The future is hybrid and the command center is Nozbe.
  2. PRODUCTIVITY HABITS Through the user interface we help users cultivate good productivity habits and apart from that we promote weekly reviews and personal development time (through Mighty Fridays).
  3. EFFORTLESS COLLABORATION Great feedback is key and we design the interaction in projects, tasks and comments in a way that promotes valuable feedback and asynchronous interaction first. By moving away from email (which is great for initial handshakes) we make collaboration between everyone more productive, focused and trustworthy.
  4. WORK-LIFE BALANCE You don’t work 24/7 - there should be a clear distinction between work matters and private stuff while managing both should be easy and be based on similar mechanisms within one Nozbe app.
  5. FUN Working and organizing private things doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun 🤩

What people want out of Nozbe?

We’ve been asking our customers a lot about this and they consciously choose Nozbe over competing products, because Nozbe offers a great balance of simplicity and power. These are the things they care about and we should never lose sight of:

Here’s to 2023 and beyond!

Clearly defining the WHY and the WHO and the WHAT was key for me in making plans for the rest of this year and beyond. It helped me regain clarity and get me even more excited about what’s to come!

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