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In Conversation With Sarah Harkleroad - how I enjoy talking to Nozbe customers!


In my upcoming book, #NoOffice I describe the concept of Meeting customers and explain why and how I regularly talk to many of our thousands upon thousands of customers. I love it. I love meeting new people, getting know different industries. And most of all I like getting to know the people who’s life my Nozbe app impacts. And recently I had a pleasure of talking to Sarah, and I really enjoyed it:

I learned from Sarah a few things which I explain in detail on the Nozbe blog but one thing particularly stands out - here’s what she does to make everyone more action-oriented:

Using verbs keeps everything actionable! Sarah insists on using verbs in the task names to show everyone that Nozbe is not a place to store information, it’s a place to get things done.

Read all my take-aways on Nozbe blog

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 /sarah/