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STOP working on day-to-day stuff on a Friday. Make it a Mighty Friday!


Seriously. Just STOP 🛑. Work on day-to-day stuff from Monday to Thursday and on Friday make it a #MightyFriday (formerly known as TGIF). You need this Friday as a space to think, plan, review and focus on yourself. Your own personal development. Just follow these 3 steps:

STOP working on day-to-day stuff on a Friday. Make it a Mighty Friday!

1️⃣ Step 1. Do your weekly review

Go through your projects, calendar, review your tasks in Nozbe (or any task and project manager you’re using… which should really be Nozbe at this point, right? 😜)

Plan your next week. This way you show up on Monday with a plan and will be productive from day one next week!

2️⃣ Step 2. Focus on your personal development

Start a side project. Learn something new. Develop your skills. Watch this saved-for-later course online. View replay of this webinar you saved.

Take the time to focus on your skills. Don’t touch day-to-day stuff. Monday will be for that.

3️⃣ Step 3. If you’re a manager or CEO, let others do that, too!

Don’t keep the good things to yourself! What’s wrong with you? 😜 Tell your team to focus on their personal development on a Friday. Not just mention it in passing, actively encourage them!

It will take time. People don’t really want to slack off and they will want to work on day-to-day stuff. Ask them for their personal development projects. Show off yours. Keep reminding them that Friday is FOR THEM.

As an example, I work on my web site on Fridays. I learn new JS skills, watch conferences online, etc.

PS. We’ve been doing this for the last 6 years (since 2016!) in Nozbe.

Yep, SIX YEARS. The entire tech stack behind the new Nozbe app has been developed by some of our developers on a Friday as a fun project to try something new. Many of my new ideas for #NoOffice work have been created on a Friday.

PPS. Find your Weekly Review spot!

Yes, I took this photo TODAY. I went out and found a perfect spot for my weekly review today. Now that’s an #office, right?

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