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Roll the Dice Shortcut for your iPhone or Apple Watch!


A long time ago I built a page to roll the dice so that I can pull it up and use it when I’m playing games with my daughters and for some reason we have misplaced the dice: - but recently as I was playing more with Shortcuts I decided to build a Shortcut that could let you roll the dice on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or even an Apple Watch. And here it is:

Roll the Dice Shortcut for your iPhone or Apple Watch!

Roll the dice on your iOS device!

Just get this Shortcut and install it on your iOS or Mac device:

Dice Shortcut 🎲

Save it and run it and you’ll have an option to choose if you want to roll one 🎲 or two 🎲🎲 dice and then the Shortcut will loop until you hit “X” to cancel it.

On Apple Watch it works a little slowly sometimes, but it does work. On the iPhone or iPad it works great and fast.

Install the Shortcut and enjoy playing board games with your family over Christmas/New Years holiday break! 🎄🎁

Tuesday, December 26, 2023 /dice-shortcut/