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Rolling the virtual dice when playing board games! 🎲🎲


Every now and then it’s good to get off the screens of iPads and iPhones and just play a board game. As a father of three girls, we like spending evenings playing Catan, Carcassonne or Monopoly. Or even just a simple “Snakes and Ladders” game. But to be able to play, you need dice. And in a household like ours, dice magically disappear… so in order to be able to have them always handy, I decided to quickly build virtual dice, so that we can use the phone to throw them in a truly random fashion! 🎲🎲 Get virtual dice here.

Rolling the virtual dice when playing board games! 🎲🎲

Let’s use the smartphone as a virtual dice thrower!

Already 5 years ago I coded a virtual die on my iPhone because we needed it, so the idea is not new. However this weekend we played one game that required one die 🎲 and then another that needed two 🎲🎲.

So I decided to re-write the script from PHP to JavaScript. I launched JSFiddle on my iPad and started fooling around. After a few minutes I had a page that supported a single die and a few hours later I got back to it and added support for two dice.

🎲🎲 Throw your dice at

It was fun putting it together. Before doing that I checked dice apps on the App Store but most were badly designed, creepy with many ads… and over here I’m not tracking you, it’s my lightweight site and the page can be loaded on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Nothing to install. Enjoy!

Is the dice truly random?

Yes it is. Throwing the dice is a truly random situation. Every throw is a new event. The previous throw has completely no influence on the next throw. If you threw 6, there’s no rule prohibiting you to throw 6 again. Also, there’s no so-called “justice” that after a series of 6-s you must throw 1.

None of that. Each throw is random. Each throw can be any number between 1-6. And this is how I built my virtual dice.

My virtual dice have no additional rules, no karma, no destiny. With each throw they find a random number between 1-6. No rocket science. Just a random number. That’s it.

The same happens when you’re throwing two dice. Each die is being “thrown” independently. Each one can have any random value between 1-6. The first die doesn’t have any influence over the second die.

Each “throw” is new. Each is independent.

Enjoy throwing the virtual dice and if you like it, please share the page with your friends. Thanks!

🎲 or 🎲🎲 at

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