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Stephen Curry - the GOAT of 3-point shooting


I’m a huge fan of basketball and especially the Golden State Warriors team. And in particular I admire Stephen Curry. Today he broke the NBA all-time record of 3-point shots ever made. Here’s how it happened:

Changing the game of basketball!

Stephen Curry in season 2015-2016 shot 402 3-point shots. Up until then, never has anyone shot 300 3-pointers in the season. In fact, the previous record was in 2014-2015 season, 286 3-pointers, also his record. He basically keeps outscoring himself.

However, since then, both James Harden and himself, have consistently shot more than 300 3-pointers in a season. In fact, 13 years ago, when Steph started playing in the NBA, on average teams would shoot 6 3-pointers per game. Now the teams are shooting more than 12 3-pointers on 35 attempts.

Basically, everyone wants to be like Steph.

The best just get better… and better!

Even though Steph is already considered the greatest shooter of all time, he’s not resting on his laurels and this past summer he’s been perfecting his shooting even more:

Each time Curry hoisted a shot, the technology tracked the ball’s movement, the ball’s arc and how deep the ball went into the rim. If the ball failed to drop through the middle of the rim, Curry and Payne simply counted that attempt as a missed shot. Curry and Payne also kept the same standard when he took shots on the move, an approach he took to emulate shooting against a swarming defender.
“It was a mental challenge of trying to be as perfect as possible,” Curry told “If I make 10 shots and they are outside of that window and then I have to do 10 more for that drill, it becomes a conditioning drill if you don’t knock them down earlier in the drill. So you have to stay locked in and focused. It creates a game-like situation with pressure. You don’t want to be out there all day feeling dog tired because you can’t beat the drill.”

This is true greatness. You never stop. You keep getting better. Keep improving. Keep shooting like this:

This is not over! #StephGonnaSteph

The NBA season is only half way through and the Warriors are winning most of their games. Now as we wait for the comeback of Klay Thompson after his injury and with the Splash Brothers duo they are a championship contender again!

Until then, let’s ponder on Steph’s greatness:

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