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Time for reading glasses


This day has come. 🤓 Today I picked up my first pair of prescription glasses for reading. My 20/20 eyesight is gone. Now I need glasses for reading. It’s only a 0.75 correction, but it’s meaningful. Especially when I’m writing on the iPad which is pretty close to my face. I’m in my mid-forties and the time has come. So how do I look?

Time for reading glasses

It all started a year ago…

As I described in my last year’s birthday blog post, one day I woke up and looked at my Apple Watch and was confused that my eyes wouldn’t focus properly. I then had my first optician appointment but the doctor told me I didn’t need any glasses just yet. This year however, he said I should get them to avoid eye strain, especially that I spend so much time in front of my iPad Pro 13.

I didn’t resist. Over the last year I noticed that at times, when I needed to work on something closer to my eyes, I was uncomfortable. I started to need the glasses.

Reading glasses of 0.75 are weird 🤓

First off, this is a very minor change, but quite meaningful if you need to read something closer to your face.

Second, you cannot just get them in the pharmacy for cheap, because over there they sell correction between 1-3, nothing below 1. And I’m 0.75 - so I had to order them at a specialist.

Third, you don’t want to be wearing them all the time, because when looking away they’re actually worse. They blur your vision on things beyond a few meters.

So basically you have to be putting them on and off all the time. Which is a little annoying. I know, first world problems.

I got two pairs of glasses 👓👓

The shops always give you this deal that if you buy one pair of glasses, you pay X, but if you get two, you pay 1.5X for two or less. Much like how we priced the new “Nozbe Business” plan.

However, it’s worth getting two of these anyway. This way I can keep one pair in my home office all the time (which is on 3rd floor of our house) and another in my backpack (first floor of the house). This way when I need the glasses, I have them handy.

Embracing the glasses 😎

I’m still thankful that most of the time I won’t be wearing glasses and when I’m out and about I’ll be wearing sunglasses without any correction. This makes it a little easier to get used to the new situation of wearing glasses when working.

Time flies, I’m in my mid-forties, my eldest daughter is 15 and I’m wearing glasses…

Friday, February 9, 2024 /glasses/