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44 and clarity of vision


Past weekend was my birthday and I turned 44. Last year I wrote about being able to choose what I wanted to do going forward. This year, I feel like I finally know. Yep, in the year where my vision started deteriorating, I have a better clarity of vision of what I want to do next! Isn’t that something?

44 and clarity of vision

My eyesight is deteriorating slowly…

Up until early this year I haven’t had a need to visit an eye doctor. Then I woke up one morning and while glancing at Apple Watch I noticed my eyes struggling to focus on what was on this tiny screen. I was perplexed 🤔

I had my first appointment with an eye doctor in my life and she kept laughing at me, saying I was just getting older and that’s why my eyesight was getting worse. Considering the fact I’ve been staring at computer screens for hours on every day throughout almost my entire life, I should still consider myself lucky that I didn’t need any eye intervention until now.

Actually, I still don’t need it. I’m just 0.75 so my doctor told me I didn’t need glasses just yet. Next year? 🤓

My clarity of vision has improved significantly…

After 2 difficult years the business of Nozbe is slowly but steadily improving and I have much more clarity about why, how and who I’m serving and I’m more excited than ever.

Apart from the vision there’s also a clear path towards making it a reality. Over the summer we’ll be harmonizing the prices and later in the year we’ll be introducing a new “business” tier with some key features our customers have been asking us for quite a while now.

In the meantime I’m making sure we double down on our killer feature: simplicity of getting things done which makes our users fall in love ❤️ with our app so much.

My focus is on the people in my team and beyond!

As the CEO I need to focus on developing my people much more. It starts with me developing myself through coaching (which works great!), learning and writing.

Then it’s working with each and everyone on my team to help them work better. Manage and lead them, not their work. Only this way they can excel at their job.

I also sense a calling far beyond my team. It seems that after the pandemic 😷 most bosses of companies are mandating getting back to the office which really feels like going backwards.

As the #NoOffice advocate I can’t have that, so I feel the duty of spreading the word through my upcoming book, podcast and Nozbe, to propel the industry to move forward, because:

Work is not a place to go, it’s a thing to do.

Here’s to another year I get to live to the fullest!

At 4️⃣4️⃣ I still feel like I’m just getting started. I appreciate each day as a man, husband, father, CEO, triathlete and thought leader.

My thoughts are with my Ukrainian 🇺🇦 brothers and sisters who are less fortunate, being attacked by a Russian psychopath. I sure hope this war ends soon with a total liberation of Ukraine and demise of Russia.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 /forty4/