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45 and yet another iteration of Michael


This past Monday I turned 4️⃣5️⃣ so it’s time for yet another birthday 🎂 post with one more year of reflections. As I’m half way through my forties I can clearly see it’s gonna be all about iterations going forward. I’m iterating on myself, my life, my family, my business and I like seeing things slowly but surely improve:

45 and yet another iteration of Michael

To me iteration means learning and doing things slightly better…

According to Collins dictionary:

Iteration is repetition, or an act of repeating.

But also…

An iteration of something is a version of it in which some details are different from earlier versions.

So yes, I’m repeating another year of still being a father of 3 daughters, a husband, a triathlete, a business owner of Nozbe but I’m focused on learning from the previous iteration and improving the new one. Looking back, analyzing, making slight changes and tweaking to making things better, more efficient and convenient.

Better but only for me and people I care about…

As I’m in my mid forties I think I finally know what’s really important in life. Also I truly appreciate much more that I’m in a position that lets me care only about these important things. Nothing more. Myself, my family, my friends, my team, my Nozbe customers… and only these acquaintances that are kind to me… and that’s pretty much it.

I don’t need nor want to impress more people. I mean it’s always nice to have more Nozbe customers or more followers to my new YouTube channel, but not at all costs. The growth for the sake of growth doesn’t motivate me and most of all, I’m in a position that I don’t need that.

And I’m grateful for this. For not needing to give too many fucks.

Better as a consequence of trying and learning…

As I set up my YouTube Channel and started posting “Shorts” I had to learn new tools like CapCut and the whole idea of what it means to post a short video and cross-post it on Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok. With each video I keep getting better. I even figured out how to make Two Michaels work in a long video.

Same goes with Shortcuts. I have developed quite a few of them and keep using them every day on all of my devices: iPhone, iPad and Watch. As I learn to journal, I keep improving my Journaling Shortcut, as I use Action button and Clipboard Manager I have new ideas how to make them more powerful than ever.

As I get new customers for Nozbe I study how they sign up, where they learn about us and how we can optimize their way into the app better. We just got rid of free trials, we cautiously raised prices and we’ve finally figured out our core values. And as our industry keeps getting more competitive with similar apps with infinite marketing budgets and AI on the horizon, I keep iterating and learning of where to go next, always keeping the interest of my customers and team in mind.

Better despite the age…

As I’m in my mid-forties, I keep taking care of my health, keep doing sports, keep traveling and keep taking care of my family. As I get older, I still feel there’s so much more to do and to enjoy, and I’m planning to make the most of it.

On the picture above I’m trying out a high-altitude training, running at 2200 meters above sea level near the peak of Teide on the island of Tenerife. This was a tough run, but it was a perfect gift for myself on the morning of my birthday.

Here’s to another 45 years as I plan to live at least till 90 or beyond! 💪

Thank you, my reader, for being part of my life. I truly appreciate you 🙏

Friday, May 24, 2024 /forty5/