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41 - may you live in interesting times…


Last Wednesday, on May 20, 2020 - I turned forty one. Last year I closed out the four decades and this year I’m starting to really embrace the number four in my age. Especially now that the global COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, I appreciate more than ever that I’m in a good health and I still have a job. Well, two actually as we’ve finally launched Nozbe Teams - our second productivity app - and we already have first paying customers. Anyway, here’s the recap of my “birthday thoughts”:

41 - may you live in interesting times…

COVID-19 “coronavirus” 👑 🦠 😷 pandemic has scared the shit out of me…

Reminds me of the Star Wars quote:

“Never underestimate the power of the dark side”

When I heard about the virus in January/February, I honestly didn’t think much of it. In March things got serious and from Friday, March 13, I’m basically at home most of the time. All my flights and travel plans were cancelled. We had to postpone our Nozbe Reunion.

First there was the lockdown and now we have the dance with the virus. Truly interesting and scary times.

In theory this virus attacks mostly elderly people and I’m in my early forties, but I’ve heard enough horror stories about folks my age suffering through it that I’m doing the best I can to stay safe and healthy. Even my birthday party was very small - just my next-door neighbors visited.

Please stay safe, please keep your distance and limit your social interactions. The pandemic is far from over. There’s no sure-fire curing protocol, there’s no vaccine. And there won’t be for a while still…

Work From Home has taken off - so my #NoOffice book is in the works!

As people had to stay at home, they had to start getting used to remote work. As I’ve been doing this for almost two decades now, and running my Nozbe team for more than one decade, people naturally turn to me.

This gave me the final push to start seriously finishing “No Office” book - I’ve got the outline and now I’m working on the contents. I actually wanted to have the book written by now, but some things got in the way and slowed me down… but I’m not stopping. This book will be out very soon.

Nozbe Teams launched and we’ve got first customers on-board!

I believe our new team-focused Nozbe app is the best to-do system for any team out there. It’s mobile-first (has great iPhone and Android apps) with a great web version and really fits the current lifestyle of teams that need to get organized. Even if team members are not sharing the same physical space.

I’m proud of my team and I’m really happy to be launching a new app and a new chapter in my life, professionally.

It’s never too late to start, and at 41 I’m starting with a new app that will hopefully make the world a more organized place in these chaotic times.

Personally, there are a few new challenges coming as well!

First off, the beard stays and I’m kinda used to it now. Second, my weight is now back up to pre-slow-carb-diet-days and I’m not happy about it. I still fit most of my clothes and I’m still in a great shape sports-wise, but I’m a little too heavy now and I don’t like it. Time to take it under control.

Technologically I’m enjoying a new iPad Pro (2020 11” model in Space Grey - my wife “inherited” my 2018 11” Silver model) and the new Magic Keyboard. My work setup is beautiful and my home office is now fully renovated. More details soon.

Also this blog will change this year. I’m working on some major things: the look, the style, the cadence of writing, the internationalization… and even the name of this blog… will change for the better. I’m really excited about it as this personal blog of mine is a hobby for me and give me a chance to re-learn some of my coding skills. Yep, I’m in my forties and I’m excited to be learning new technologies!

Forties, here I come!

I’ve embraced my age and I’m enjoying it… and I’ve come to terms that I’m living in interesting times. Let’s go!

Monday, May 25, 2020 /forty1/