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Apple asks employees back to the office while also inspiring them to quit


I already wrote about Apple’s not-so-good approach to working form home in the past (I also recorded a short video on that), but now as COVID-19 cases are declining Apple is really shooting itself in the foot. On one hand, it’s telling them to go back to the office (or else!) while at the same time it’s producing an ad that they’d better quit:

Once you try #NoOffice lifestyle… you don’t want to go back!

I love this ad. It shows that people, who at first were thrown to working from home, now truly appreciate the flexibility of working from anywhere.

And they’re afraid to go back.

They don’t want to lose their freedom.

Why would people NOT want to go back to the office?

I hate being repetitive but I have to be - it’s all about flexibility and autonomy. It’s about being able to choose where and how you want to get your work done. It’s about being respected as a human being and letting you choose how to fit work in your lifestyle.

Adults don’t like being told what to do. Heck, even kids don’t love that.

It’s about trust… to do the work!

Watch this ad again. Look what happens when our four characters make it on their own and are being lured back to the office and boss that disrespected them in the past.

They think that because they made it on their own, they’d be getting more respect ✊ only to find out that well, it’s gonna be… same old, same old.

Will Apple employees be quitting now?

It’s hard to say, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out when both Google and Apple force their employees back to the office only to realize that people are not embracing it with as much happiness as the bosses had hoped.

For most companies HYBRID should be the name of the game!

Hybrid not only means that sometimes we work from the office and sometimes we work from home. It means that you trust your employees to have criteria to choose when they they do one or the other.

Times have changed.

People got a taste of #NoOffice freedom.

It’ll be hard to take it away from them.

Or they’ll quit.

P.S. Here’s the first ad, when the lockdowns happened.

This ad is actually a follow-up to a different ad, produced also by Apple, where they were trying to hilariously depict how hectic this whole working from home thing can be, feel free to watch it:

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 /backtooffice/