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Trying out YouTube #shorts with: Apple won’t unleash!


One of our strategies for promoting Nozbe indirectly is by promoting our Nozbe.Com YouTube Channel - where we post Nozbe product videos, No Office podcast episodes and shorter productivity videos. We have above 4000 subscribers there (and you should totally subscribe!). Last week we decided to try the new YouTube feature - shorts, and here’s my first short commenting on Apple’s MacBook Pro event and my essay on Apple’s reluctance to embrace #NoOffice work:

How did you like our first “shorts” video?

This was our first try. It’s obviously much shorter than my usual Team Productivity Vlog and it requires to be recorded in vertical and be cut furiously to end up at around 40 second range.

I’m thinking of creating more vlogs and more shorts in the future, based on the chapters of my No Office book. I like the format. It has to be edited strongly. It needs good and straight to the point.

Let’s try more like this!

So… how did you like my short video?

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 /shorts-apple/