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The polarizing Macbook, tempting Apple Watch and… one more thing.

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Yesterday was a big day, the “Apple Watch” day… Apple finally explained a little more the new “wearable iDevice” concept so that I think I know what and why I’m going to buy. Today, I would like to discuss with you the Apple Watch and the new Macbook and something more, here goes:

The polarizing Macbook, tempting Apple Watch and… one more thing.

The main problem of my day job is that I need to have all the newest gadgets every year… You see, I need to “sacrifice” for all of you in order to make sure we deliver the best app possible to operate on your device. And so, I had to buy the iPhone 6 plus, I change my iPhone and iPad every year, and yes - I will absolutely need to buy the  Watch… Yeah, life is tough on me in this regard… oh wait… no it’s not. I love my job and I love “having to” upgrade my devices so often :-P

And even though I’m #iPadOnly these days, I love Macs. The very first Macbook Air became my first Mac ever and I loved it. So when Apple unveiled the new Macbook yesterday I fell in love with it… and enjoyed the moment where everyone started complaining about the lack of ports on this device… this happens every time Apple makes a device that good. Here’s why:

Let’s continue with the Macbook - it’s an amazing computer for this modern era

I bought a Mac last year so I’m not getting this one, but I’m thinking about buying it for my wife. This thing is so light, so sexy, so perfect… and so gold… Wow! It’s an amazing device. My only concern about it is the crappy 480p (as in SD) FaceTime camera and the slow Core M processor. But in benchmarks it’s actually as fast as the 2012 Core i5 so it might not be that bad. Other than that, it’s perfect.

One port is not a big deal

Most people don’t need ports. Using USB sticks? You’re doing it wrong, they belong in the museum. Using external USB hard drives? Why? Seriously, why? If you’re a PRO and need storage for your HD videos and raw camera photos, this laptop is not for you, you need the 15” Macbook PRO, so don’t complain!

I have a 13” Retina Macbook Pro and I have several ports. Never use them. I only connect the power and my Thunderbolt display… and with this new Macbook you can connect to both of these things with one dongle which is actually really cool.

We should learn from Apple about making decisions!

Yes, every time Apple does this and invents a non-compromise device for the future, it amazes me how much people complain about it and how much Apple knows better. The first Macbook Air had no optical drive… turns out we stopped using optical drives even before it was shown to the world… we just felt like we needed one.

Apple knows who this laptop is for, and it turns out it’s actually for majority of folks who want a modern laptop… but very often people are not ready to change habits and stop using USB sticks, optical drives, external mice, or whatnots. Way to go Apple! And if I were to buy one for myself, it’d be the space gray one… and a gold one for my wife :-P

Apple Watch, the iDevice of the future

I still have a hard time comprehending why would I wear an  Watch. I haven’t been wearing a watch for a long time (although I have two of them: an elegant Swiss one and a Casio G-shock)… However after yesterday’s event, I think I’m starting to get the idea. I’d keep my iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket more and have it interact with my watch… and use it basically as an extension of my iPhone.

Will it be more convenient than just having an iPhone? I don’t know. But I want to try. And after yesterday’s presentation and the showoff of some 3rd party apps, I think I “get it” more.

And as this is the first iteration of the Watch, I’m going to buy the cheapest model I like: the 42mm Sports version in Space Grey with black wristband.

… and there’s one more thing: Nozbe for Apple  Watch

Speaking of 3rd parties: I have to buy the Watch because we’re building an Apple Watch app for Nozbe. Just head over to Nozbe blog to learn more about Nozbe for Apple Watch.

Question: Are you getting the new  Watch? Which one? And what do you think about the new Macbook?

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