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Apple still insists that work-from-home or hybrid is not really their thing


I recently watched an interview (embedded below) with key Apple execs - Craig Federighi and Greg Jozwiak - done by the Wall Street Journal and the part that really interested me was their stance on #NoOffice work. Well, it hasn’t changed much since I wrote about it a few months back (the action starts at 23 min 45 sec in):

Greg Jozwiak loves going to the Apple Park…

Greg admits he started coming back in COVID times long before everyone else was in and he highlights that when other people started coming they remembered the power of collaboration through anecdotes because they were in a room together in front of a whiteboard.

He says it’s also what is between the meetings that counts.

That’s why he insists that Apple is right forcing people to go to office 3 days a week and he calls it a hybrid. He insists that this is still a pilot program and they’ll see how they go from there.

Craig Federighi says that they’re happier when they’re together

Seriously, sounds like a love story:

Apple - happier when together!

He insist that when they’re back now, they’re much more effective. He thinks they’re coming up with better ideas and spotting problems earlier.

And that this has been fundamental way to being at Apple.

It’s a tradition. It’s their culture to be in the same place!

They’re ridiculing the petition to be more flexible

They say that the petition by Apple employees to be more remote and more #NoOffice is a petition by a tenth of a percent of Apple employees, so it really doesn’t mean anything.

Apparently only few Apple employees want to be treated like adults.

Now that the pandemic is over, will Apple set the tone for all the companies to “go back to the office”?

Haven’t we learned anything?

Remember, it’s the same Apple that was showing an ad how employees when being forced to get back to the office, decided to quit.

I was hoping that finally all the companies and people in these companies saw the future. And the future is #NoOffice - where an office is just a tool and not a must-have.

Anyway, let’s see how Apple’s pilot goes. And when (or if) they’ll force everyone to go back to the office full time. All days of the week. Because it’s the way of Apple.

I just hope their stance doesn’t mean that most other companies will follow their lead and start going back to the way things were…

Thursday, November 10, 2022 /apple-hybrid/