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12 new shorts: health, donating blood, core values, lego and my several takes on meetings!


I’ve been busy with my New YouTube Channel over the last month and since my 10 first videos and videos about Taiwan I’ve posted more short takes and a long video about meetings. Here are my recent 12 shorts (each is less than 1 minute, so check them out!):

12 new shorts: health, donating blood, core values, lego and my several takes on meetings!

Feeling sick

When you’re working in a hybrid mode or #NoOffice then you can work even if you have a mild cold and be pretty productive:

Active weekends

If you want to be healthy and productive, you need to make sure you have a balanced life, where there’s time for active weekends:

Donating blood

Health of others is also important, so I encourage you to donate blood. Here’s how and why I do it:

Core values

At Nozbe we have established our 4 CORE VALUES, here’s why:


I love lego and here’s why it helps me with my productivity:

Happy users

We’ve launched a new web site at Nozbe where we showcase our happy users:


As mentioned before I’ve been playing with the idea of “Two Michaels” to show change and I think I’m getting to the right concept with the “Meetings” video. Here are both personas:


I sliced the Meetings video into several shorts, starting with a question: How many meetings do you have?

Rules of Meetings

At Nozbe we believe that Meetings should be regular, optional and well prepared:

Prepared meetings

Here’s what I mean when I say that meetings should be well prepared:

Channel trailer

Based on my first video on the channel I created this short trailer:

Other Michael

This is the “other Michael” I created for my channel:

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My YouTube Channel is still new so I encourage you to subscribe or share my videos or just this page with the videos embedded.

I really love it how this short video format is helping me distill the message to bare minimum and be both helpful and useful in less than a minute! Do you agree?

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