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Productivity videos from Taiwan


I’ve just come back home from a trip to Taiwan 🇹🇼 where I’ve had lots of great experiences, met my co-worker Emilia and experienced a major earthquake. What’s really important is that I’ve learned a lot during this trip, especially that it was to such an efficient-running and well-organized place like Taiwan. Here are a few shorts I recorded and published my new @MichaelTeam YouTube Channel during this trip:

Productivity videos from Taiwan

Meeting Emilia

Emilia works in Nozbe support team and thanks to the fact that she’s based in Taiwan we have a major time zone difference and she can answer Nozbe customers’ questions when everyone else from our team is asleep. When I meet people from my team we work differently because instead of “talking shop” we just focus on personal relationships:

P.S. Emilia’s Taiwanese husband, who was a videographer here, runs their very very popular YouTube Channel - over 200K subscribers!

Travel tips

I’ve begun my trip by sharing my favorite airport tips and tricks, like having only a backpack and much more:

Public Transport

Using Public Transport in Taiwan is a bliss. I’d even say it’s a solved problem now. If the officials in your city or country want to revolutionize public transport or re-invent it, they should go directly to Taiwan, live with it for a week and they’d know how to get it done:

Taiwan tips

Travel tips specific to Taiwan, but applicable to other places as well: get eSIM, use Google Lens and use local technology to be able to take advantage of the above-mentioned excellent public transport:


Speaking of travel tips, I love packing in pouches. I have my tech pouch and pouches for clothing. It’s very efficient way of traveling:


I’ve witnessed the biggest earthquake since 1999 in Taiwan and luckily I was fine. The good thing about this one was that Taiwan was much more prepared than 25 years ago - here’s what they learned:

Taroko Gorge

One of the things that did get significantly destroyed in the earthquake was Taroko Gorge and because of that is closed indefinitely now, which is a shame. Luckily I was there a week before the earthquake and flew there with my drone and recorded some fantastic footage which I decided to share:


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