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Apple Watch Ultra Modular as a World Clock

⌚️Apple Watch

I’m lucky to be running Nozbe - an app used by SMART business owners from all over the world. I live in Europe so I’m based in Central European Time which covers most of Europe, but what if I want to talk to customers from different parts of United States or Asia? Luckily we there is a World Clock app on the iPad and modern calendars support time zones pretty well, but still I wanted to have a handy way to check what the time is now in different time zones.

Apple Watch Ultra Modular as a World Clock

Modular Ultra watch face with World Clock complications

This year, like every year, on WWDC Apple didn’t give us custom watch faces for the Apple Watch. I’m no longer holding my breath for that. Luckily I can always customize my Apple Watch Ultra with complications and with one of the most flexible of the watch faces - Modular Ultra.

Also, many questionable design decisions with WatchOS 10, Apple brought us back the way to swipe between watch faces so I can quickly change between different dedicated watch faces.

Now I have a special “World Clock” watch face configured with times in Los Angeles, Chicago/Texas, New York on top, my time in the center, world night-day complication and at the bottom I have London, Taipei and Tokyo.

Apple Watch Ultra Modular as a World Clock complications

More dedicated watch faces?

Now come to think of it, I might be tempted to create more such dedicated watch faces based on this Modular Ultra as this way I can have a nice clock with lots of complications depending on their purpose. I’ll keep you posted. Any watch faces recommendations?

Thursday, June 20, 2024 /worldclock/