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Tinkering, building, crafting… and cables in my home office


I love tinkering. Manual crafts always attracted me. I love building lego blocks and I definitely have enjoyed changing and re-designing my home offices many times over the years. Just look at the details of my current one. And yet, I’m about to improve it even more! Here’s the photo from today with all the materials brought in to start working on it this coming Friday:

Tinkering, building, crafting… and cables in my home office

Casey Neistat’s epic NY office

Casey is a famous YouTuber who now lives in California, but he rose to fame filming his stuff in New York City, and his office was really dope, here’s another YouTuber, MKBHD, visiting him:

What I love about his office:

If the above video wasn’t enough, here’s another one he posted:

Inspired by Casey I’m building stuff up again!

After a year in my new home office I’m doing some changes again. I’ve got some plans for this Friday to make my office even better:

Dedicated place to shoot live shows, webinars and official zoom meetings

I want to dedicate a corner of my home office as a “stage” for my official video calls, podcast and live show recordings. So that I just step in there, and basically with one or two clicks I’m set and ready.

For that I’m installing the green screen, getting a better web cam, setting up lights differently, changing location of the second monitor, and more.

One more OSB wooden wall

I’m installing two more OSB boards which I love. Right in the corner where the recording studio will be. This wall will help me mount required equipment easier and gives me additional wooden feel as a bonus.

Small improvements to cable management

I’ve changed quite a few accessories since last year. I embraced the MagSafe lifestyle and re-examined the contents of my backpack so now it’s time to get my cables and other home office gadgets in order.

While doing that I’m planning to simplify the cable management, stop hiding the cables Casey-style and label many more things than before.

Tinkering is my vice and my perfect hobby

I like building things. I love tinkering. While watching cartoons with my daughters, my favorite character has always been Tinker Bell for a reason. Because she could build stuff out of anything.

Tinkering is also a perfect way for me to stop using my computer and just put a good use to hammer, nails and drills. As discussed in the episode 196 of The Podcast - it’s very rewarding, exciting and kinda addictive.

Here’s to my home office renovation ad 2021!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 /tinkering/