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Be thankful and practice gratitude every day


Today is Thanksgiving in America and even though I’m located on the other side of the pond, I really like this day and I’m truly thankful for my American friends and for their influence on my life. However in this short post I’d like to convince you to practice thankfulness and gratitude every day, ideally as you fill up your daily journal:

Be thankful and practice gratitude every day

Every morning I’m thankful for yesterday, opportunity and something small!

That’s right. If you adapt my free journal script you’ll see that every morning it asks me for three specific things I’m thankful for:

And it’s not easy. The goal is not to repeat the same things every day and be thankful for health, family, yadda yadda. It’s a moment to reflect and find in your heart things you’re truly thankful for that really happened only yesterday, to seek out an opportunity around you that gets you excited and to find that small tiny thing that just made your day.

That’s why today, as I write these words and I’m really thankful for you - my reader - who reads these words, follows me or maybe even uses Nozbe to get yourself or your team organized, I’m also encouraging you to practice thankfulness every day.

You can do this either by writing in a physical journal or notebook, or by using my siri Shortcut for journaling.

Thank you! 🙏

Thursday, November 24, 2022 /thankful/