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How to use iMessage for note taking on the Apple Watch?

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Last week I posted a very geeky way to add notes to the Apple Watch which required complicated setup to work on my Apple Watch Ultra 2. However, Rafal (the VP of Product in Nozbe) saw that and he told me that by sending iMessages to yourself, you can have a similar workflow without all that complicated server setup.

How to use iMessage for note taking on the Apple Watch?

Send iMessages to yourself - just like adding notes to self

The idea is that you can create a Siri Shortcut where you can send an iMessage to yourself and later open these messages - even on an Apple Watch without the iPhone connected. Here’s the Siri Shortcut:

SMS Note Siri Shortcut

Get this shortcut, and add it to your Action button or just open Shortcuts app on the Watch and see for yourself!

Thanks Rafal for the suggestion!

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 /smsnote/