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I’m not throwing away my shot 💉 - celebrating my booster COVID-19 vaccine with Hamilton music!


Yesterday I got my COVID-19 booster vaccine shot and because I’m a huge fan of the Hamilton musical I decided to celebrate my 💉 by compiling all the great My Shot remixes that talk about the vaccine. The best one is coming from the doctors 🥼 themselves:

Anti vaxxers? Here’s a song for you!

Here’s a brilliant version by “inverse K” that features an anti-vaxxer trying to argue their way through NOT getting their shot:

Wanna delay that shot? I’ve got an answer for you, too!

A guy named Adam Shain changed the lyrics in such a way that it’s not about getting, but delaying the shot, and he reasons with everyone who’d hesitate:

Are the vaccines at all useful? Should we take a shot?

Science Rap Academy has got you covered - amazing work by the kids who know we need to be getting these shots to get to herd immunity:

Still unconvinced? Check out this version!

This version by EMC is also very cool:

And if you liked it, check out the full version with just lyrics:

OK, and how about the original “My Shot” by Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Now that you’ve been brainwashed it’s time for you to listen to the original song from the musical that inspired all of this:

Stay healthy! Stay entertained!

If you don’t know the Hamilton musical, you can watch the original cast performance on Disney+ - trust me, just subscribe for a month to watch it, you’ll thank me later!

And don’t throw away your shot! 💉

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 /shot/