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More than a year on the move or how Apple Watch rings help me stay in shape

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Just yesterday I crossed the 400-move mark on the Apple Watch which basically means that for 400 days straight I managed to move enough that the Apple Watch classified it as “fitness day”. So I’ve been on the move for more than a year now, despite the pandemic, to hopefully stay in shape and lose some weight. It worked. And here’s how I did it:

Move rings on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a great fitness device (among other things). As the day goes by it counts how many calories you’ve burned (move goal), if you did 30 minutes of training (exercise goal) and if you stood up at least once an hour for 12 hours (stand goal):

More than a year on the move or how Apple Watch rings help me stay in shape 2

While I haven’t achieved all goals every day, I managed to make the move goal every day for more than a year now. But boy, it wasn’t easy.

I started last summer!

As I explained in my 2019 review sport-wise it wasn’t a bad year but it wasn’t really good either. In the second half of last year I focused on weight-training and running. I did enough to keep the move-rings closed, but I wasn’t biking as much as I wanted. And I want to keep being a fit triathlete.

Beginning of 2020 was great

I started 2020 strong with lots of sports including weekly swimming, cycling and running sessions… until the pandemic hit and I was locked down at home.

Lowered my calorie number for pandemic - 400 and 450

On the Apple Watch I lowered my move goal target from 550 to 400 to keep myself motivated to move.

I used stationary bike at times, I was doing TRX weight training, walking up and down the stairs… anything I could to keep myself in shape and keep closing those rings.

Unfortunately I eased too much on my diet and gained around 4kg (~8 lbs) during that time.

Out of shape but with great motivation!

Finally as the lockdown restrictions were lowered, I got back to doing sports more frequently. Hitting these move goals every day even when stranded at home due to pandemic really helped. I was a little out of shape, but not entirely so.

The first runs were hard.

I could still run a 10km run but I was much slower than before. But I kept pushing. I kept going out at least twice a week to run. Same with biking. I suffered the first few times. I saw my friends having fun and I was struggling. But I kept on keeping on.

More than a year on the move or how Apple Watch rings help me stay in shape 3

First there’s suffering but later there’s enjoyment!

Now it’s September and I’m back in shape. Still not in my 2017 shape, but getting closer every day. I’m having fun when running, I’m enjoying bike rides up the hill and I love swimming in the sea again.

Sports is fun again.

And the Apple Watch move goal rings are being closed every day now.

I’m also back with slow carb diet to lose some of these additional kilograms.

Keeping the move goal in check keeps me in check!

Let’s hope we get this pandemic a little more under control and I’ll be able to enjoy doing sports again without interruptions. Luckily, the Apple Watch will always be there to motivate me and stay in shape!

More than a year on the move or how Apple Watch rings help me stay in shape

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