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Part 5 - Traveling - iPad as my main computer


On Monday we landed in Los Angeles for our two-week vacation with my wife visiting West-Coast, Grand Canyon and other spectacular sites nearby. It’s the first trip ever that I didn’t take my laptop with me. Normally even though I wouldn’t work too much (as I really want to spend this time with my wife), but as my laptop is (was) the center of my digital life (and I am a geek), I’d take it anyway. Now that I’m on my iPad only trial I just took my iPad. And nothing more. And I even planned the whole trip on the iPad. Here’s how:

Part 5 - Traveling - iPad as my main computer

iPad is ideal for traveling… because it’s so small

First let me tell you that iPad as such is ideal for traveling. Weights a lot less than my laptop (which is already an ultra-light Macbook Air!), needs less accessories, holds 10 hours on battery without any problem and can be turned on really instantly which is seriously amazing. It’s a perfect travel computer as such. And when I want to read something, it converts to an ebook reader in an instant.

Great apps for traveling help you plan the trip

Traveling with an iPad? There are apps for that! Here are the ones I used:

Part 5 - Traveling - iPad as my main computer 5

What’s the journey going to be like? Should be fun!

I’m only starting my two-week trip so I’ll be posting later how iPad worked, but so far so good. The planning and preparation on the iPad worked beautifully. Now it’s time to see how iPad substitutes my main computer on this journey. Fingers crossed!

How do you find traveling with the iPad? Any tips or apps I missed?