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Sharing is caring - or how my blog became a backstage of running my company, Nozbe!


This month is a big deal for Nozbe, my company. We’ve improved our productivity application quite a bit and on the other hand we’ve announced some important pricing changes. We had to make a decision, how much we communicate to our customers via email, our Nozbe Blog or the social media. I also have my personal blog here and LinkedIn profile, right? So I decided to make these last two options, the backstage of Nozbe to show you all who follow me or read my blog “how the sausage gets made”:

Sharing is caring - or how my blog became a backstage of running my company, Nozbe!

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New pricing??? Why? What’s the reaction?

On Monday I published on my blog why we’re changing the pricing of Nozbe. In short it’s not only about inflation, but also about being able to provide better value for my customers. I also explained how I’m rewarding long-time customers in the process and point blank I share all the pricing mistakes I’ve made in the past.

That’s right. With just the above blog post you get full access to my thinking, struggles, fears of making the change and my rationale behind it. It’s all there.

Later I shared how our customers reacted to the news which basically blew me out of the water. It turns out when you’re running a business for 16 years, people don’t turn their backs on you so easily. Quite the contrary - they support you all the way and my customers have delivered that in spades!

It’s so humbling to know that Nozbe customers would sincerely miss our application if it wasn’t there. They need it every day to get things done. Which just keeps me going and excited for the future!

Why we build Nozbe? Who we do it for?

Earlier this month I also shared the big WHY behind Nozbe and who is this application for. Again, with full disclosure and transparency I’m sharing how we’re positioning Nozbe, who is our ideal customer and why we’re building it in the first place.

Hint: it’s all about a work-life balance of a small business owner (and their team members)!

How I run Nozbe and how I keep my remote-first team motivated?

Many people still don’t believe me that I can run a 19-people team completely remotely. And I can keep them motivated, excited and aligned with our vision. Well, I think I can. And I have 16 years of history to prove it.

One of the tools I use to communicate things to my team, is by recording a regular vlog to them.

To show you how it’s done, I share the contents of my recent vlog to the team and how I recorded it. It’s all there - the what and the how. I believe all CEOs should learn to become vloggers.

Do you enjoy peeking into the backstage of a CEO like me?

I’m about to share much more on my blog and on LinkedIn. I decided the best way to get feedback from my smart readers is by sharing what I’m doing and learning from it. I also hope my actions inspire you to become a better leader, CEO or manager.

If you enjoyed these “peeks” into my life of a CEO, what else would you like to know?

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