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Internal Nozbe Vlog, May 2023 - or how I communicate with my team using video


In the Chapter 9 - learn to vlog of my #NoOffice book I write how instead of organizing time-wasting (but definitely ego-boosting for the CEO) “all hands meetings”, I just record, edit and post internally a video to the team. Yes, as the CEO I’m a vlogger and I have only 18 subscribers (all my team members). Today I decided to share with you how this process works behind the scenes and some of what I shared with the team last week. Here goes:

Internal Nozbe Vlog, May 2023 - or how I communicate with my team using video

How I record and edit the internal vlog

I use my super cool streaming setup in the home office to record a video directly to my MacBook Air M1. I put my iPad Pro on the teleprompter with talking points pasted to the TelePrompterPAD app - so I can look at my points and speak to the camera.

I usually talk for around 15 minutes. If I stumble or mumble, I repeat things, as I know I’m going to do some basic editing later.

I send the recorded video to iPad Pro and edit it using the brilliant Luma Fusion app. I try to cut out as much as I can so that the resulting video is below 10 minutes.

From Luma Fusion I directly post the edited video to our Vimeo account. I create a task in Nozbe in our “general” project where I paste the video link for everyone to watch. I notify everyone on the team with an @all mention and people start watching the video when they have the time and can comment or ask questions below my announcement.

I’m not interrupting everyone, not shoving an additional “all hands meeting” and just take 10 minutes of peoples’ time. Later thanks to task-based communication we discuss things if necessary.

Vlog May 2023

Here are some of the things I shared with my team last week:

That’s basically it. I’m sharing what’s going on in the team, aligning them all with our mission and values, giving them overall update on the company situation and giving them an overview of what’s coming in the next months.

As you can see from the list above, some things are quite confidential, other things are not as much, but I just prefer to post this vlog update every 1-2 months to keep my team aligned and motivated to keep going. This one was short, edited down to only 8 minutes and 29 seconds.

This way I also give a chance to everyone on the team to have a more of high level view of the company and what’s going on outside of their day-to-day job.

CEOs should be vloggers!

If you’re a fellow small business owner, I do recommend that you learn how to vlog and instead of organizing expensive meetings, record a clear message and share it with the team. You can read more about it in the #NoOffice book.

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