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How digital nomads get stuff done - mobiconf 2018

🏝NoOffice,🤩Guest appearances

Today I’m speaking on the Mobiconf 2018 in Krakow where I show how our Nozbe team is getting stuff done in our #NoOffice company using mobile apps. Specifically I’m using the iPad as an example of how I’m using this powerful mobile computer to lead my team from anywhere.

How digital nomads get stuff done - mobiconf 2018

The Goodies

This post is to serve as a repository of all the goodies (apps, shortcuts and other resources) I’m mentioning in my presentation. This way I can just point the audience on the last slide to this web site: and that’s it!

OK, now here are all the goodies:


You can enjoy the full video of this presentation here - I even got an award for it :-)


Get the slides from here in PDF form - please note that animated GIFs won’t be animated in PDF. Obviously. The presentation was done mostly on the iPad Pro in Keynote, but I won’t publish the Keynote file - it’s way too heavy.

Nozbe and me

I started the presentation with a little info about me and my team.

Nozbe is my company and the productivity app we build. If you and your team want to get things done better, you should totally check it out.

If you’re looking to connect with me on social media, you’ll find all the links here.


How we do Nozbe Reunions - we meet twice a year in person for a week each time and we work, play and hang out together.

No Office apps - free eBook that explains the concepts I talk about during the presentation. Especially our concept of Pyramid of Communication.


#iPadOnly book - the book I co-wrote with Augusto Pinaud. The first real post-PC book - How to use only your iPad to work, play and everything in between

Check out my recent #iPadOnly posts on this blog.

Especially these ones where I explain how I use the iPad Pro:

“Deep work” apps

The apps that enable me to work in a focused way on the iPad:

“Feedback loops” apps

“Back and forth” apps

“Face to Face” and “Meetings” apps

Infoshare before Mobiconf…

This Mobiconf presentation is a kind of continuation of the concepts I talked about on Infoshare conference 2018.

Here’s also the official video from Infoshare.

Question: Any feedback on our mobile #NoOffice setup?

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