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I’m thankful for Robert Kubica being back as racing driver for Formula 1


Wow, I’ve been waiting for this news for the last two years! This is a fairytale and a story of passion, perseverance and drive… Robert Kubica is back as a regular driver for Williams Racing in the next Formula 1 season! Here’s why it’s amazing (and here’s a short video of his career to date):

Robert Kubica is back as a driver in Formula 1

Today is “Thanksgiving” in America - something we don’t celebrate in Europe, although today is a day Formula 1 fans and people of Poland should be very thankful for - our one-and-only Formula 1 racing driver is back on the F1 grid - Robert Kubica is back and confirmed by the Williams Racing Team as a regular driver for them in the 2019 and 2020 seasons!

It’s been a long time coming. After his almost-fatal accident in 2011 where he’s almost lost an arm, nobody thought he’d be able to race again… let alone be back in the fastest racing cars on the planet. And today he’s back and I’m so really thankful for this! And so happy!

He wasn’t supposed to drive again…

This story reminds me of a story of Hermann “Herminator” Maier who also had a near-fatal accident and almost lost his leg… and wasn’t supposed to walk again, let alone ski… and he not only managed to cure his leg… he went back to skiing and won a World Cup and World Championship back!

Robert is similar - he almost lost his arm… and he wasn’t supposed to drive again… and he went back to driving and racing in Rally Championships and became a WRC2 European Champion… and last year he was already testing F1 cars at Renault and Williams… but didn’t get the place… and now he’s back!

Now here’s me hoping he’ll not only start racing again, he’ll win races again… and maybe even become a World Champion? Who knows, this guy can apparently accomplish anything!

Robert Kubica videos by his team, Williams Racing

Here’s team chief, Claire Williams announcing Robert Kubica:

And here’s another video, where Robert Kubica himself tells his amazing fairytale-like story:

P.S. Back to Thanksgiving…

And just as a side note to this post I’d like to highlight that even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe, I do practice being thankful every morning when I do my jourinaling.

And if you want to learn more about why being thankful and grateful is truly powerful, make sure to listen to the podcasts episodes by Michael Hyatt and Shawn Stephenson.

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