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This year I’m going with iPhone 13 Pro. Mini no more!


I watched last week’s Apple Event with much enthusiasm and as I tend to upgrade my iPhone every year, I was very happy to see the cameras got slightly better as well as battery life. This year though, the difference between the pro and non-pro models is substantial so I decided I’m going back with a bigger iPhone. I’m replacing my good old iPhone 12 Mini with the iPhone 13 Pro, here’s why:

This year I’m going with iPhone 13 Pro. Mini no more!

Finally “pro motion” 120Hz refresh rate!

I have “pro motion” on my iPad Pro and I’ve had it since my 2018 iPad Pro. I love how it’s quick to scroll and watch anything on this screen and I can’t wait to see the difference on the iPhones now. This new screen is not available on the regular iPhone models.

Again, I upgrade my iPhone every year, so I need to get the latest and the greatest.

The much better lenses on the iPhone 13 Pro

Last year the 0.5x and 1x cameras were the same on the regular iPhones and the Pros. This pushed me to try the mini size and I loved it and I embraced it!

However, this year there’s a big difference. The Pros are getting much better lenses: Wide of ƒ/1.5 aperture (vs 1.6) and Ultra Wide: ƒ/1.8 aperture (vs 2.4). Much, much better, especially the Ultra wide which gets a unique feature - Macro photography. Again, this is a completely new feature on the iPhone so I must test it.

I need my telephoto back!

Last year the regular iPhone 12 Pro had 2x telephoto and I wanted to see if I could survive without it. I could and I did, but I missed it. As a father of three kids, I love taking pictures of them and I want to be able to be a little further away from them to take it. With the mini I had to resort to digital zoom which was less than ideal.

This year I’m getting the 3x zoom which is even better! It’s a major upgrade on the iPhone and that’s why I must check it out. Now that I’m vaccinated and my daughter is vaccinated I’m sure we’ll be traveling more and I’ll use this new zoom much more!

P.S. The battery life should be great again!

As much as I loved the iPhone 12 Mini, I didn’t love its battery life. I embraced MagSafe lifestyle and was charging it very often but whenever I was away from juice, I’d see the battery drop down to 30% in late afternoon, which wasn’t great. It turns out with the iPhone 13 Pro the battery should be more than sufficient for all-day use.

The iPhone is coming tomorrow-ish!

Even though I had some issues ordering on the pre-order day, I managed to secure the new blue iPhone 13 Pro on launch day. It’s coming to my home tomorrow but as I’m on a business trip, I’ll be back in a week to pick it up.

For more details on the new iPhones, check out MKBHD’s unboxing:

Thursday, September 23, 2021 /iphone13/