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Workflows that build regular habits and help me get stuff done quicker

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Keystone habits are critical to a happy and productive life. We’ve been discussing this with my co-host on The Podcast for a while now. To build regular habits and to just reduce some barriers of entry I’m using an iOS app called “Workflow” and have created many workflows that help me get stuff one quicker. These are like recipes for a “digital cake” - my way of doing things quicker. Below I’m sharing a few of these and hope they’ll be useful for you, too. Feel free to copy them and adopt to your needs :-)

Workflows that build regular habits and help me get stuff done quicker

Workflow, Ulysses, Bear and Nozbe - apps for my daily habits

I use Ulysses to write my journal in and Bear to plan and track progress of each day. And Nozbe for my day-to-day task and project management as well as internal communication with my team.

Here are my habits and workflows that I use in combination with these apps:

Evening - in the evening I launch my Journaling workflow which asks me a few questions, saves them in my Ulysses journal entry… and later helps me plan my day in Bear… and saves the plan back to my journal. Some back and forth between the apps, all glued together with Workflow.

Morning - in the morning I launch my Morning Journal workflow, answer a few questions, save it to Ulysses, review my plan and append more stuff to my plan in Bear and finish it off in Ulysses again.

These are quite complicated workflows so if you want to use them, make sure to understand them first and later adjust for your needs.

Planning workflows with Bear:

First my workflows for planning the day:

Journaling workflows with Ulysses:

First off, a universal workflow that asks either morning or evening questions:

Now, my specific workflows that mix the planning and journaling together - they’ll need tweaking if you want to use them yourself:

Other workflows that you might find useful:

Other templates for my reviews…

I’ve posted in the past my templates for daily, weekly and quaterly reviews.

Question: Care to share your workflows? Were these helpful?

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