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Apple Watch 2.0 and thoughts after 4 months wearing it

⌚️Apple Watch

I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch every day for the last 4 months since I un-boxed it and set it up. I quickly fell in love with it and now that the major upgrade to its operating system is out, the watchOS 2.0, I think I can honestly say what I think about this gadget and if after all these months I’m keeping it.

Apple Watch 2.0 and thoughts after 4 months wearing it

My friend Michael Hyatt loves his Apple Watch for 5 things: he thinks it’s a beautifully engineered gadget, it’s very often less intrusive than the iPhone, he loves the activity tracking, the focused information he gets from it and he says it’s just fun to use. I can’t agree enough with him. But there’s more:

It’s a remote control for my iPhone

I have an iPhone Plus and I love it. But thanks to my Apple Watch I don’t have to pull it out when I’m among people but need to check a quick piece of information.

I have my Nozbe priority list always there on my wrist. I can reply to messages, Nozbe comments and more. I’m on top of things without pulling up my iPhone out of my pocket. So cool. So convenient.

Apple Watch improves my productivity and focus

There. I said it. It seems counter intuitive at first. If it’s there on my wrist, isn’t it disturbing me all the time?


Just like I wrote above, it gives me sense of control. This way when I need to focus on writing or thinking, I can, without losing touch with the world.

If there’s an important piece of information I need to be notified about, the subtle vibration on my wrist lets me know about it. I can choose to ignore it or react to it (in only a few seconds) and get back to what I was doing.

Apple Watch is a “decision taking” device

The limits of what an Apple Watch can do are blessings in disguise. Replying to a decision on the iPhone requires unlocking it… And along with that the temptation to “check other things” while I have it come into play. On the Apple Watch there are no such temptations.

On the Apple Watch you receive a piece of information and you either ignore it or react to it quickly. And then you go on with your life.

Really, it’s amazing how it works.

Apple Watch with watchOS 2.0 is even better

It’s been barely out and I already like the new watch faces. I love the new time travel feature and the fact that I can already measure my sleep with Sleep++ app. And we’re only getting started here.

Apple Watch is not for everyone but it’s definitely for me

I don’t regret getting it as soon as could. I love wearing it and I’m amazed how quickly it became an essential part of my life. How easily I got used to wearing and using it. Heck, let me say it here: only Apple could do it :-)

Question: Did you get an Apple Watch? Do you like it? Why? Why not?

Monday, September 28, 2015 /watch20/